In today’s vastly growing technological sphere there are many things that have been made possible by just the flick of the finger or the touch of a button. We are able to do things today that our parents and grandparents didn’t even dream of when they were our age. This sphere has exploded and is still busy engulfing everything it can in order to make us do more amazing things.  

Television is an aspect of life that has been engulfed by such an explosion. It would seem like the days of hiring someone to come and install cable is a thing of the past. You are now able to watch your favourite A-list TV shows without having to go through the motions of hiring a cable guy – you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home! 

What is live streaming? 

The internet is a wonderful thing, filled with many users who constantly finding ways to upgrade the experience for the public. TV shows stream from the website onto your laptop, tablet, or cell phone by means of using an internet connection. It’s faster than a download, in the sense that it is available to you immediately after activating your account on whichever site you are accessing it from. Live streaming requires a stable internet connection to ensure that you are receiving the best experience possible.  

Why is live streaming better than cable? 

The reasons to this question are endless. Streaming eliminates the need for a cable as well as the extra installation and maintenance cost attached to having it. It’s more versatile than TV, meaning that you can TV shows stream onto your device from wherever you are, if you are connected to an internet source, be it Wi-Fi or mobile data. You can choose to stream TV shows in HD format, whereas with cable you won’t always have that option. TV shows that are streamed from the internet are free of advertisements, so you won’t have to sit through those pesky promotions that try to advertise the latest advance in washing powder. It also gives you the freedom to pause, rewind, fast forward, or stop whenever you feel like it. When subscribing to a site that offer you TV shows online, you will have access to quite a number of series which are all kept up to date and concur with the current schedule on TV. Some even give you the option to watch the latest episodes before they are on cable networks.  

Where can I stream TV shows? 

There are a number of online sites you can visit where TV shows stream in a legal and honest manner. Most of these sites require a monthly subscription fee, and some of them offer you the option to customise your subscription according to your preferences. They may also offer trail runs in order for you to test the quality of their TV shows. Some of the popular websites include Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube where certain channels upload full episodes on their pages.