Korean Drama – The K2 Episode 1

Korean Drama – The K2 Episode 1

The movie revolves around Kim Je-K2 ha (played by Ji Chang-wook), a patriotic soldier but the nation and betray colleagues.


England, with the code name K2, was hired as a bodyguard for Choi Yoo-jin (Song Yun-ah plays), wife of candidate President (Jo Sung-ha played) and the daughter of a family property tycoon, always hiding his ambitions after looks extremely attentive and friendly.
He took advantage of her daughter’s secret presidential Go Ahn-na (Im Yoon-ah), who lives in seclusion, for revenge against those who betrayed him ..

But whether true or not for her only pure “advantage” or will exist any other emotion? Wish you fun movie!

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Korean Drama – The K2 Episode 1

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