Kaidan Restaurant Ep 15 (2009) – Eng Sub

Kaidan Restaurant Ep 15 (2009) – Eng Sub

Also known as Kaidan Restaurant, this anime is about a series of horror stories told by ghosts in a restaurant, which tend to focus on the same group of kids: Anko, Reiko, and Shou.
The norm is three stories per episode, all organized like the many courses of a meal: the appetizer usually deals with a story of the supernatural (ghosts, possessed TVs, whatever); the main course is similar, but longer and almost always with a twist; and the dessert is a short and sweet urban legend, almost always containing a vague moral (Whether this works or not is up to you).
The manager of the restaurant, The Ghostly Garçon, presents the episode, while a whole host of spooks from Japanese mythology is responsible for the menu.


Genre: Horror, Mystery, Supernatural


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