A Thousand Days Promise Eng Sub Ep 19

A Thousand Days Promise Eng Sub Ep 19

A Thousand Days’ Promise ( 천일의 약속; RR: Cheonileu yaksok) is a 2011 South Korean traditional melodrama about a woman (Soo Ae) who is losing her memory and the loving man (Kim Rae-won) who stands by her side. Written by famed drama writer Kim Soo-hyun, it aired on SBS from October 17 to December 20, 2011 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes.

Lee Seo-yeon, a free-spirited woman, is having a secret affair with Park Ji-hyung, an architect who has a fiancée. Upon hearing that Ji-hyung’s parents set the date for his wedding, Seo-yeon splits up with him. But she has no time to lament over her painful breakup, as she gets diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer’s, a very unlikely disease for a 30-year-old woman. Ji-hyung happens to learn the shocking fact, and he breaks off his engagement only two days before the wedding to return to his ex-girlfriend. Despite vehement opposition from his parents and even from Seo-yeon herself, he never gives up on her and marries her without delay. The doting husband is devoted to taking care of his ailing wife, who is losing her ability to remember. Despite her distressing condition, the couple tries to hang on to love and experience it to the end. They have a baby girl and find happiness in their married life from time to time, even though both are well aware that a tragic end awaits them.

Soo Ae as Lee Seo-yeon
Han Bo-bae as young Seo-yeon
Kim Rae-won as Park Ji-hyung
Lee Sang-woo as Jang Jae-min, Seo-yeon’s cousin
Jeong Yu-mi as Noh Hyang-gi
Park Yu-hwan as Lee Moon-kwon, Seo-yeon’s brother
Oh Mi-yeon as Seo-yeon’s aunt
Kim Hae-sook as Kang Soo-jung, Ji-hyung’s mother
Lee Mi-sook as Oh Hyun-ah, Hyang-gi’s mother
Moon Jung-hee as Jang Myung-hee, Seo-yeon’s cousin
Im Chae-moo as Park Chang-joo, Ji-hyung’s father
Park Yeong-gyu as Noh Hong-gil, Hyang-gi’s father
Yoo Seung-bong as Seo-yeon’s uncle-in-law
Jung Joon as Cha Dong-chul, Myung-hee’s husband
Yang Han-yeol as Myung-hee’s son
Kim Boo-seon as Seo-yeon’s biological mother
Jang Hyun-sung as Seo-yeon’s doctor
Song Chang-eui as Noh Young-soo, Hyang-gi’s brother
Alex Chu as Son Suk-ho, Ji-hyung’s friend
Oh Kyung-soo as Seo-yeon’s editor-in-chief A thousand days promise with english subtitles -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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